quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

Disney Pixar Greatest 2009

01. You´ve Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story) Randy Newman
02. The Time of Your Life (A Bug´s Life) Randy Newman
03. When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2) Sarah McLachlan
04. If I Didn´t Have You (Monsters, Inc.) Billy Crystal & John Goodman
05. Real Gone (Cars) Sheryl Crow
06. Life Is a Highway (Cars) Rascal Flatts
07. Our Town (Cars) James Taylor
08. Le Festin (Ratatouille) Camille
09. Down to Earth (WALL·E)Peter Gabriel
10. Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story)
11. A Bug´s Life Suite (A Bug´s Life)
12. The Flik Machine (A Bug´s Life)
13. The Cleaner (Toy Story 2)
14. Monsters, Inc. (Monsters, Inc.)
15. The Scare Floor (Monsters, Inc.)
16. Nemo Egg (Finding Nemo)
17. First Day (Finding Nemo)
18. Field Trip (Finding Nemo)
19. The Incredits (The Incredibles)
20. McQueen and Sally (Cars)
21. Wall Rat (Ratatouille)
22. Colette Shows Him Le Ropes (Ratatouille)
23. Define Dancing (WALL·E)
24. First Date (WALL·E)
25. Carl Goes Up (Up)

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